Welcome to OptiTune

OptiTune is the breakthrough solution that lets you manage all computers in your organization.

To setup OptiTune for the first time, follow the steps shown below. For detailed instructions, read the Getting Started guide.

1. Purchase Licenses

Before you can use OptiTune, you need to obtain a license key for the computers in your organization. If you have not already done so, you will need to purchase a license key from Bravura Software.

2. Choose a Management Server

With OptiTune, you have the choice of using a cloud based servers managed by Bravura Software, or you can install the server software on your own hardware, or other cloud hosted account.

To use the cloud based servers managed by Bravura Software, make sure you are at the following website: https://manage.opti-tune.com

To install the server software on your own hardware or cloud account, visit the Server Software Download Page for instructions on setting up the software on your own server.

3. Setup Account

Once you have chosen the server to host OptiTune, visit the Registration Page on the server to setup the account for your organization. You will need the license keys from step 1, and a valid email address for the administrator account.

4. Login

After you have setup the account on the server, Login to start managing computers in your organization. Importantly, once you have logged in you can download the client software to install on each computer in your organization.