Windows Updates

To view the windows update state of a particular computer, click on the “Windows Updates” tab, select “Computers”, and finally click on a number under one of the following columns:

·         Updates Available

·         Updates Installed

·         Update Failures

On this screen, you will find a listing of the update state for a particular computer.  You can select which computer is displayed by clicking on the “Change” button at the top of the screen.


This screen has the following columns:

·         State – the state of the update, which can be one of the following:

o   Available – the update is available

o   Installed – the update is installed

o   Install Failed – the update failed to install

o   Install Aborted – the update’s installation was aborted by the user or other process

o   Uninstalled – the update was uninstalled

o   Uninstall Failed – the update failed to uninstall, and is still installed

o   Uninstall Aborted – the update’s uninstallation was aborted by the user or other process

·         Name – the name of the update

·         Importance – the importance of the update, which can be “Mandatory”, “Important”, or “Optional”.

·         Product – the product name that the update applies to

·         Classification – the category that the update is assigned to.  Values include:

o   Critical Updates – updates that Microsoft deems critical

o   Definition Updates – definition updates for software which needs a definition file, like antivirus software

o   Drivers – driver packages for hardware devices

o   Feature Packs – software which adds a feature to the operating system or product

o   Security Updates – updates which fix security issues

o   Service Packs – updates which include many updates together

o   Tools – individual tools

o   Update Rollups – updates which include many updates, but not as many as a service pack

o   Updates – other types of updates

·         Security Impact – for “Security Updates”, the severity of the security issue that the update fixes.  Values include “Critical”, “Important”, “Moderate”, and “Low”.

·         Published – the date the update was first published by Microsoft

·         Install Date – the date and time the update was installed, if available.  Not all installed updates will have this date.


You can also filter the list of updates by selecting a value from the appropriate drop down list at the top of the screen.

The following filters are available.  See the column description above for an explanation of each one.

·         Update State

·         Importance

·         Product

·         Classification