OptiTune Client Licenses

To view your client license usage, or to add more licenses, click on the “Server Settings” tab, then select “Licenses”.

Licensing Summary

This chart shows your organization’s client license usage.  The following metrics are displayed:

·         Total Client Licenses – The total number of active (non expired) client licenses registered to your organization.

·         Available – The number of free client licenses.

·         In Use – The number of client licenses in use.  Each computer managed by OptiTune uses one client license.

·         Over Use – The number of client licenses your organization is over using.  If you register more computers than you have licenses, the number of computers without valid licenses will appear here.

At the bottom of this section, a link is also provided to purchase more licenses for your organization.

All Licenses

This section shows all licenses registered to your organization.  After purchasing a set of client licenses from Bravura Software, you will receive a registration code.  Click on the “Add License” button to add your registration code to your organization.  Doing so will register the new client licenses to your organization.

From the Bravura Software website http://www.bravurasoftware.com/optitune/, you can purchase client licenses in blocks of 1-10,000.  For each block of client licenses purchased, you will be issued a single registration code by email.  After you receive the registration code, navigate to this page and press the “Add License” button to add the client licenses to your organization.