Advanced Settings

To view the advanced settings for your organization, click on the “Server Settings” tab, then select “Advanced Settings”.

Advanced Settings

To change the URL which the OptiTune clients use to send reports, edit the “Reporting Url” field, and click “Save Changes”.  Click “Reset” to set it to its default value.  It must begin with “https://”.

Important: You only need to update this field if you are hosting your own OptiTune management server.  When you first create your organization, it is set based on the registration URL you use to create your organization.  But, if your hosted URL changes, you will need to set it here.

Retired Computers

To reset the list of retired computers, and allow retired computers to be managed again by OptiTune, click the “Clear All” button.


To view a particular computer’s configuration, click on “Inspect Computer Configuration”.