Data Export


OptiTune allows you to export your data in a variety of formats to help you create your own custom reports or inventories, or back up your organization’s information.  It supports exporting your data in XML or CSV file formats.

Exporting Data

To export your data, go to the “Server Settings” tab, and select “Data Export”.


Select the group of computers you wish to export data for, or select the root organization to export data for all computers in the organization.

Export Type

Select the type of data you wish to export.  Choices include:

·         Computer Hardware

·         Applications

·         Malware

·         Malware Protection

·         Performance

·         Deployments

·         Alerts

File Format

Select the file format for the data you wish to export.  Note that there can be significant differences in the amount of data exported, depending on the file format.  Since not all data can be represented easily in a single tabular format (CSV), the hierarchical format (XML) often has richer, more detailed information.


Once you have made your selections described above, click on the “Export” button to export the data.  Your browser will then download the exported data file in the format you have chosen.