Connect To Computer

To connect to a computer using OptiTune’s Remote Connect functionality, from the “Computer Details” page, click on “Remote Connect”:

Before clicking on Remote Connect, you will need to verify that the Computer is in fact connected to OptiTune by looking at the “Status” field above, which should be “Connected” if the computer has an active connection to OptiTune.  If the computer is powered off or not connected to the internet, you will not be able to connect to it through Remote Connect.  You can also see other real time information on this page such as the Polling Interval, and Last Contact.


After clicking on “Remote Connect”, you will be brought to the “Connect to Computer” page:

If you have not previously installed the “Remote Connect Software”, click on the “Remote Connect Software” link to do so.  Then, click on Open Connection to download the “.otc” file, which contains the information needed to connect to the computer.


Press “Open”, to open the file using “Remote Connect”.



Finally, press “OK” to establish the connection to the remote computer. 



You can then control the remote computer’s desktop using your keyboard and mouse. 


Or, transfer files to or from the remote computer as well (from “Tools” > “File Transfer”).