Threat Summary

To view the summary of threats detected for a group of computers (or single computer), click on the “Windows Updates” tab, and select “Update Summary”

On this screen, you will find a summary of all threats detected for the selected computer/group.  You can select which computer/group is displayed by clicking on the “Change” button at the top of the screen.

You can also click on any of the data values in blue (e.g. Threat ID, Total Instances, Total Resolved, etc…) to see more information.


This screen has the following columns:

·         Name – the name of the threat

·         Threat ID – the ID of the threat that the endpoint protection product assigned to it.  Click on the threat id for more information.

·         Total Instances – the total number of instances of the threat

·         Total Resolved – the number of resolved instances

·         Total Unresolved – the number of unresolved instances

·         Computers Affected – the number of computers affected by the threat

·         First Found – the date the threat was first found for the computer/group selected

·         Last Found – the date the threat was last found for the computer/group selected