Add/Edit Notification Group

On this screen, you can enter or edit the details of a particular notification group. 

Notification Group Description

In this section, enter the details about the notification group, including:

·         Group Name – the name of the notification group

·         Description – a short description of the notification group

·         Notes – any notes you wish to keep about the notification group

Notification Group Accounts

In this section, each OptiTune account for your organization is shown, along with a checkbox for Email, and SMS.  Select which users will be part of the notification group by clicking on one or both of the “Email” and “SMS” checkboxes.  If the “Email” checkbox is checked, the user will be notified via email.  If the “SMS” checkbox is checked, the user will be notified by SMS text message, using the mobile phone number in the user’s account details.

Additional Members

If there are additional people you want to notify through the notification group, but they don’t have OptiTune accounts, add their contact information here.  Press the “Add Member” button, and enter each person’s details, and then press “OK” to save the member as part of the notification group.  You will need to enter:

·         First Name

·         Last Name

·         Email (optional)

·         Mobile Phone (optional)

·         SMS Provider (optional)

The SMS provider is the name of the mobile phone company for the mobile phone number.  It is used to send SMS messages over the email gateway of the mobile phone company, as it does not incur additional charges for the sender (but, the receiver may have to pay for incoming SMS messages).


To save your changes, click “Save” after entering the details above.  Or, to discard your changes, press “Cancel”.  Note that any changes to the notification group won’t be saved until you click the “Save” button.