Add/Edit Event

On this screen, you can enter or edit the details of a particular event (a.k.a. “Event Source”). 


This screen has the following rows:

·         Event Name – the name of the event source

·         Description – a short description of the event source

·         Notes – any notes you wish to keep about the event source

·         State – whether or not the event source is enabled or disabled.  If it is disabled, it will not generate any events

·         Severity – the relative importance of the events that the event source generates

·         Categories – one or more categories for the event

·         Minimum Interval – enter the minimal amount of time that must elapse before the same exact event can be issued.  For example, if disk space is low on a particular computer, and remains low for a while, this is the interval that must elapse before the event can be issued again.  So, you could enter “7” days to only be reminded of this once a week.  For this type of event, you wouldn’t want to be reminded of it every 2 minutes, for example.

Keep in mind that if the event generated is different (for example, on a different computer, or it has different details), this Minimum Interval is not used, it is only used to prevent repeating the exact same event.

·         Event Type – Select the type of event

·         Event Parameters – Depending on the type of event selected above, enter any parameters required by the event type.  Mouse over the labels to get a detailed description of each parameter.


To save your changes to the event source, click “Save” after entering the details above.  Or, to discard your changes, press “Cancel”.