Event Categories

To view all event categories for your organization, click on the “Monitoring” tab, and select “Event Categories”.

On this screen, you will find a listing of all events, also known as “event sources”.  Each event source can be enabled/disabled, have its properties changed (including the type of event instances it generates), and assigned a severity and one or more categories.


This screen has the following columns:

·         Name – the name of the event category

·         Description – a short description of the event category

·         Events – the current number of events assigned to the category


To add a new event category, simply click on the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen.  To edit an event category, either click on its name, or select its checkbox and press “Edit”.  To delete one or more event categories, select them using their checkboxes (hold down Shift to multi-select), and press the “Delete” button.  Note that when you delete an event category, if a subscription is referring to the category it will no longer reference the category, and you may not receive alerts from the subscription until a new category is referenced from the subscription.