Audit Log Details

On this screen, you will find the details of a particular audit log entry.


This screen has the following rows:

·         Date – The date and time of the activity, shown in your account’s time zone.

·         Account – The OptiTune user account which performed the action.

·         Target – The target of the action, often a computer or group.

·         Area – The area in OptiTune, which roughly corresponds to the main navigation tabs at the left side of the screen

·         Priority – The significance of the audit log entry.   Higher priority numbers indicate more significant actions.

·         Type – The type of activity

·         Page Path – The page of the page in OptiTune, if any

·         Message – A message about the action performed

·         Result – The result of the action, 0 indicates failure, 1 indicates success

·         IP Address – The IP Address of the user performing the action in OptiTune

·         Web Browser – The web browser agent string