Alert Details

On this screen, you will find the details of a particular alert.


This screen has the following rows:

·         Status – the status of the alert, which can be one of the following:

o   Active – the alert has not been addressed, and is currently active

o   Resolved – the alert was marked as resolved by an administrator

o   Ignored – the alert was marked as ignored by an administrator

·         Name – the name of the alert

·         Severity – the severity of the alert, which indicates the seriousness of the alert

·         Description – the description of the event that generated the alert

·         Categories – one or more categories for the alert

·         Details – a short description of the details of the alert.  These are specific to each type of alert, and could include specifics such as IP Addresses, user names, etc…

·         Scope – the computer or group that the alert is about, or blank if the alert pertains to the entire organization

·         Time – the local time (for the administrator) that the alert actually occurred

·         Reported Time – the local time (for the administrator) that the alert was received by OptiTune.  The Time shown above may be earlier than the Reported Time.