To view all alert subscriptions for your organization, click on the “Monitoring” tab, and select “Subscriptions”.


This screen has the following columns:

·         Computer/Group – the computer or group of computers to monitor

·         Notification Group – the notification group to notify when an alert occurs

·         Mail Template – the mail template to use when notifying the notification group

·         Event Categories – the list of event categories to monitor.  Only events in these categories are subscribed to.

·         Event Severities – the list of event severities to monitor.  Only events with these severities are subscribed to.

·         State – the state of the subscription, it can be Enabled or Disabled


To add a new alert subscription, simply click on the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen.  To edit a subscription, select its checkbox and press “Edit”.  To delete one or more subscriptions, select them using their checkboxes (hold down Shift to multi-select), and press the “Delete” button.