Add/Edit Subscription

On this screen, you can enter or edit the details of a particular alert subscription. 


This screen has the following sections:

·         State – Select whether or not the subscription is enabled.

·         Monitor – Select the computer or group of computers to monitor.  Only alerts from this computer or group of computers will activate the subscription.

·         Event Categories – Select the categories of events to monitor.  Only events belonging to these categories will activate the subscription.

·         Event Severities – Select the event severities for the subscription.  Only events matching these severities will activate the subscription.

·         Notify – Select the notification group to notify when an event activates the subscription.

·         Mail Template – Select the mail template to use to notify the notification group

·         Schedule – Enter the weekly schedule for the subscription.  This weekly schedule can include several “schedule items”, for example, “Any Time”, “Selected Days”, or “Selected Days and Times”.  Importantly a time zone is also specified for the schedule.  When an event occurs, it will only activate the subscription if the event’s time also matches the schedule.  This schedule allows you to setup different shifts to notify different groups of administrators depending on the time of the event.


To save your changes, click “Save” after entering the details above.  Or, to discard your changes, press “Cancel”.  Note that any changes to the subscription won’t be saved until you click the “Save” button.