Cloud Storage

To view the cloud files stored for your organization, click on the “Server Settings” tab, and select “Cloud Storage”.

On this screen, you will find a listing of all cloud files stored for your organization.

Cloud Storage Summary

This section shows the total Cloud Storage (in MB or GB) available to your organization, as well as current usage.  To request an increase or decrease in your cloud storage quota, please contact

Cloud Files

This section shows all files that you have uploaded to OptiTune.  You can download each file here by clicking on its name, or view the item associated with the file (e.g. Script Task, Install Task, etc…) by clicking on the value under “Related Item”.


In this section, you will find the following columns:

·         File Name – The name of the file.  Click on it to download the file.

·         Mime Type – The mime type of the file, based on its content or file extension.

·         Date Created – The Date and Time when the file was uploaded to OptiTune

·         Date Modified – The Date and Time when the file was last modified in OptiTune

·         Size – The size of the file, in bytes, MB, or GB.

·         Related Item – The item associated with the file.  Click on the value to see the related item.  If there is a related item, you cannot delete it from this page.  



To download a file, either click on its name, or click on its checkbox, and press “Download”.


To delete a file, click on its checkbox, and press “Delete”.  Only files without a related item can be deleted.


To upload a file to your storage account in OptiTune, select a file to upload, and click “Save”.  You can use your storage account in OptiTune to store any type of file, and access it using its publicly accessible URL (right click on the file name, and click “Copy Link” or “Copy Shortcut” to get the file’s URL).