Deployment Result Details

To view an individual deployment result, click on the “Automation” tab, and select “Deployment History”, and then click on a link under the “Details” column.

On this screen, you will find a summary of the deployment result.  Whenever a deployed task, be it an install task, script task, system task, uninstall task, etc…, produces output (either success or failure), OptiTune stores these results for later access. 


On this page, you will find the following information:

·         Deployment – The type of the task (install, uninstall, repair).

·         Task – The name of the task.

·         Computer – The name of the target computer for the deployment.

·         Time – The date/time the task was executed on the given computer.

·         Result – Whether or not the deployment was successful.

·         Result Summary – A summary of the result, with more specific information for failures.

·         Exit Code – The exit code from the task.

·         Error Code – The error code from the task, or 0 if there was no error.

·         Sub Status – An OptiTune specific sub status, which supplements the main status.

·         Message – Any user oriented text provided with the result of the deployment.

·         Console Output – If the task had any console output, as is common with script tasks, it is also presented here.