Deployment History

To view all deployment history for your organization, click on the “Automation” tab, and select “Deployment History”. 

On this screen, you will find a listing of all deployment results for your organization.  Whenever a deployed task, be it an install task, script task, system task, uninstall task, etc…, produces output (either success or failure), OptiTune stores these results for later access.  You can view all the deployment results on this page.


On this page, you will find the following columns for deployment results:

·         Deployment – The type of the task (install, uninstall, repair).

·         Task Name – The name of the task.

·         Computer – The name of the target computer for the deployment.

·         Result – Whether or not the deployment was successful.

·         Details – The detailed result of the deployment on the given computer.

·         Exit Code – The exit code from the task.

·         Error Code – The error code from the task, or 0 if there was no error.

·         Time – The date/time the task was executed on the given computer.



To filter the view only for a given computer or group, use the computer/group selector at the top left of the page, and select the appropriate computer or group.


To filter the view by the deployment result status, use the drop down list labeled “Status”, at the top of the screen.

Task Type

To filter the view by the type of task deployed, use the drop down list labeled “Task Type” at the top of the screen.


View Details

To view an individual deployment result, click on its checkbox, and click “View Details”.  You can also click on the link in the “Details” column.