Managing Computers

To view the computers currently managed by OptiTune, click on the “Computers and Groups” tab, then select “Computers”.

On this screen, you will find a list of the computers in your organization.

Filtering by Group

At the top left of the list, you can filter the computers by group by selecting a group next to the “Show:” label.

Changing the View

At the top middle of the list, you can select the view (which columns are displayed) by selecting one of the options in the “Columns:” drop down list.
Choices include:

·         Default – The default view

·         Simple – A simplified view which only shows essential information

·         Malware – Shows the type of protection and threats detected on each computer

·         Windows Updates – Shows the number of updates available and installed on each computer

·         Applications – Shows the number of applications installed on each computer

Paging and Sorting

If the number of computers won’t fit on one page, you will be able to page through the list of computers by clicking on one of the page numbers at the top right of the screen, or by using the paging arrows.

You can also sort the list of computers by clicking on any of the column headers.

Viewing Computer Details

To view the details of a particular computer, simply click on the computer’s name, or select its checkbox and click on “View Details”.  This will bring you to a page with a detailed view of the computer in question.

Retiring Computers

If you no longer wish to manage a computer using OptiTune, or the computer has reached the end of its useful life, you can retire a computer by clicking on its checkbox, and then click on “Retire”.  Note that the computer does not need to be on or active to retire it from OptiTune management.

If you wish to reset the retired computers (and allow them to be managed by OptiTune again), go to the “Server Settings” tab, select “Advanced Settings”.   Under the “Retired Computers” section click “Clear All”.

Assigning Groups

To assign a computer or multiple computers to a group:

1.       Create the group if needed by visiting the “Groups” page, under “Computers and Groups”.

2.       Select the group from the drop down list next to “Add To Group”.

3.       Select one or more computers by clicking on their checkboxes.  You can also hold down the shift key while clicking on a checkbox to select a range of computers.

4.       Click on “Add To Group”

Clearing Groups

To remove a computer from all assigned groups:

1.       Select one or more computers by clicking on their checkboxes. 

2.       Click on “Clear Group”

Note that this will not remove the computer from the built in groups, such as “All Computers”, “Desktops”, “Laptops”, etc…