Computer Details

To view the details of a particular computer, click on the “Computers and Groups” tab, then select “Computers”.  Click on the name of the computer whose details you wish to view.  You will see a page similar to the following:

On this screen, you will find many lower level details about the computer.   You can click on any of the links in the “Administration” section to view more information about the computer, such as Alerts, Applications, Deployment History, Performance, Protection, and Windows Updates, or to execute specific remote tools on the computer, such as Remote Connect, Command Prompt, Task Manager, and System Services.

Operating System Details

Here you will find details about the operating system installed, as well as when it was installed and the version and edition of the operating system.

Hardware Details

This section lists hardware specific details about the computer, including:

·         Processor

·         Motherboard

·         Bios

·         Memory

·         Hard Drives

·         Network Adapters

·         Sound Devices

·         Video Cards

·         Portable Batteries

Disk Space

This section shows a graphical view of each logical disk on the system, showing the used and free space of each disk volume (e.g. C:, D:, etc…).


This section shows all printers that are installed on the computer.

Network Shares

In this section, you will find all network shares that the computer has available to other computers.