Favorite Tasks

To view the favorite tasks selected for your organization, click on the “Automation” tab, and select “Favorite Tasks”.

On this screen, you will find a listing of all favorite tasks available to your organization.

About Favorite Tasks

Favorite Tasks are simply a list of your favorite tasks, from any of the tasks available in OptiTune, including:

·         Script Tasks

·         System Tasks

·         Install Tasks

·         Uninstall Tasks

·         Repair Tasks

Some organizations may have a large list of all tasks, and this provides a simple way to keep track of your organization’s favorite, most useful tasks.

This list of favorite tasks is also presented on the Computer Details page, and it lets you pick one of them to execute immediately on the given computer:



On this page, you will find the following columns for favorite tasks:

·         Name – the name of the task.

·         Description – the description of the task.

·         Task Type – the type of the task.



To create a new favorite task, click “Add”.


To delete an existing favorite task, select the task by clicking on its checkbox, and click “Delete”.


To deploy a favorite task to a computer or group of computers, select the task by clicking on its checkbox, and click “Deploy”.