Add/Edit System Task

To add a new system task for your organization, click on the “Automation” tab, and select “System Tasks”, and click “Add”.  To edit an existing system task, click on the name of the system task on the “System Tasks” page.

System Task Details

To save the new system task, or update the existing one, fill in the fields on the form, and click “Save”. 

Note: You can mouse over any of the field labels for an explanation. 

System Task Name

Enter the name of the system task.


Enter the description of the task.


Enter any notes you wish to keep about the task.

System Task Type

Select the type of system task to use.  Any parameters specific to the type of system task will appear below.  You can mouse over the labels of these new fields for an explanation.

For example, selecting the “Restart” system task type shows 3 additional fields: “Message”, “Delay”, “Force Restart”.