Add/Edit Script Task

To add a new script task for your organization, click on the “Automation” tab, and select “Script Tasks”, and click “Add”.  To edit an existing script task, click on the name of the script task on the “Script Tasks” page.

Script Task Details

To save the new script task, or update the existing one, fill in the fields on the form, and click “Save”. 

Note: You can mouse over any of the field labels for an explanation. 

Script Task Name

Enter the name of the script task.


Enter the description of the task.


Enter any notes you wish to keep about the task.


Input the system conditions that are required for the script to be executed, by clicking on the “Edit” button.  OptiTune will only attempt to run the script when the conditions are satisfied.  If the conditions are left blank, the script will always be executed.

Script File

Upload a script file by pressing “Select New”, and selecting a supported script file to use.  If you are editing an existing script task, you can also press “Edit” to edit the script in your web browser.  See Supported Script Types for the list of supported script file types.

Utility Package

If desired, upload a companion utility package (.bvx file) that will be expanded into the same directory as the script, before the script is executed.  If your script needs any executable files or other support files, you can create a .bvx file with these instructions, and upload it here.

Command Line Args

Enter any command line arguments you want passed to the script.  You can use environment variables here, and they will be expanded before being passed to the script.

Script Timeout

Enter the maximum time, in minutes, to wait before giving up on the script task.