Installed Applications

To view the applications installed on a particular computer, click on the “Applications” tab, select “Computers”, and finally click on a number under the “Installed Applications” column.

On this screen, you will find a listing of installed applications for a particular computer.  You can select which computer is displayed by clicking on the “Change” button at the top of the screen.


This screen has the following columns:

·         Name – the name of the application.

·         User – the local user for which the application is installed, or “All Users” if the application is installed for all the local users.

·         Publisher – the publisher of the application.

·         Version – the version number of the application.

·         Date Installed – the date and time the application was installed, if available.

·         Install Size – the size of the application.

·         Location – the primary local path where the application is installed.

·         Help Url – the publisher supplied help link for the application.