Application Details

To view the details about a particular application, click on the “Applications” tab, select “Computers”, click on one of the “Installed Applications” numbers, and finally click on an application name. 

On this screen, you will find a listing of the details of an installed application.


This screen has the following rows:

·         Name – the name of the application.

·         User – the local user for which the application is installed, or “All Users” if the application is installed for all the local users.

·         Publisher – the publisher of the application.

·         Version – the version number of the application.

·         Date Installed – the date and time the application was installed, if available.

·         Install Size – the size of the application.

·         Location – the primary local path where the application is installed.

·         Help Url – the publisher supplied help link for the application.

·         Help Telephone – the publisher supplied help phone number for the application

·         Update Info Url – the web address for obtaining update information

·         Contact – any contact information for the application

·         Comments – any publisher supplied comments for the application

·         Uninstall Subkey – the uninstall subkey name for the application.  For example, if the full path to the uninstall key is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\myapp, the uninstall subkey name would be “myapp”

·         MSI Product ID – for MSI based applications, the product ID of the application, in GUID format

·         Install Source – the path the application was installed from

·         Modify Command – the command used to modify the application’s install

·         Uninstall Command – the command used to uninstall the application


Create Uninstall Task

If the application is MSI based, the “Create Uninstall Task” button will be visible at the bottom of the screen.  If the application is not MSI based, this button will not be available.

Pressing the “Create Uninstall Task” button will create an Uninstall Task for the application, if one does not already exist.