Add/Edit Repair Task

To add a new repair task for your organization, click on the “Applications” tab, and select “Other Tasks”, and click “Add” under the repair tasks section.  To edit an existing repair task, click on the name of the repair task on the “Other Tasks” page.

Repair Task Details

To save the new repair task, or update the existing one, fill in the fields on the form, and click “Save”.  Importantly, you need to provide the conditions for when the application is considered to be installed, under “Installed Conditions”. 

Note: You can mouse over any of the field labels for an explanation. 

Application Name

Enter the name of the application.


Enter the description of the application.


Enter any notes you wish to keep about the task.

Installed When

Input the system conditions for when the application is considered to be “installed”, by clicking on the “Edit” button.  OptiTune will only attempt to repair applications which are already installed.

Msi Product ID

Enter in the MSI Product Code for the application you wish to repair.  Note that access to installation source directories may be needed on the client computers to complete the repair.

Repair Timeout

Enter the maximum time, in minutes, to wait before giving up on the task.