Setting up your Organization

Once you have decided upon which management server to use (either the cloud based server managed by Bravura Software, or your own management server), and purchased enough client licenses for the computers you wish to manage, you will need to setup your “Organization” on the management server. 

The organization is typically your company or department.  For the organization, you can have one or more “administrators”, which are users that can fully administer all the computers in your organization.  You can also have “report viewing” users, who can only view the status and reports on the computers in your organization, but not make any changes to the computers.

Step by Step

1)      To begin, start your web browser, and visit (or, if you are using your own management server, navigate to its address).  For this example, we will use the management server operated by Bravura Software,

2)      Click on the “Registration Page” link, under “Setup Account”

3)      Fill in the details on the registration page, shown below.  If you have multiple registration codes, you only need to enter one of them.  The additional registration codes may be entered once you have setup your organization.


For security reasons, OptiTune has no password reset mechanism, so make sure you keep your password secure.

4)      Once you have filled in the fields shown above, click on the “Register” button.

5)      You will see a confirmation page, like the one below

6)      Visit the login page (at ), and enter the administrator account’s user name and password

7)      You will be brought to the overview page of OptiTune

8)      In the “Welcome to OptiTune” section, click on the “client software” link to get the client software for the computers in your organization

9)      Click on the “Download” button, and save to a local folder on your computer.  After you decompress the zip file, you will find the following files inside:

You will need to deploy the OptiTune client to each computer that you want to manage.  To do so, either manually run “install.cmd” on each computer, or use another deployment mechanism to run the commands inside “install.cmd” on each computer.  Similarly, to remove the client software from a computer, run “uninstall.cmd”.

10)   Once the client software has been deployed to the computers in your organization, your setup is complete.  Browse the rest of this help document for instructions on using OptiTune to manage your computers.